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Abstract Session
Immune monitoring and Biomarkers

Monday September 23, 2024 | 13:40 to 15:10
Room: TBD
Track: N/A


Jonathan Bromberg, United States Invited Speaker
Novel biomarkers

Dr. Ilies Benotmane, France
Factors influencing the torque teno virus (TTV) viral load in a sizable population of solid organ transplant recipients.

Dr. Ilies Benotmane, France
The combination of TTV viral load and BKV-neutralizing antibody titers aids in stratifying the risk of BKV viremia.

Dr. Ian Tatt Liew, Singapore
Torque teno virus for predicting severe infections and biopsy-proven rejection in prevalent kidney transplant recipients: An inter-rim analysis of a single-centre prospective cohort study

Dr. Kevin Louis, France
Value of HLA class II combined molecular mismatch scoring system for immune risk stratification in kidney transplantation

Dr. Jin-Myung Kim, Korea
Diagnosis and classification of kidney transplant rejection via surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy combined with machine learning techniques from a single drop of serum

Flávio H F Galvao, Brazil
Long-term evaluation of anorectal autotransplantation in swine model

Dr. Min HU, Australia
T cell receptors and the transcriptomic profile of t cells in transplant tolerance

Comparative assessment of steatotic livers in preservation solutions: New compositions for old problems

Mrs. Sofya Olegovna Sharapchenko, Russian Federation
TGF- β1 and galectin-3 diagnostic and predictive value in kidney transplant recipients with graft rejection

Dr. Jule Dingfelder, Austria
Mitochondrial flavin mononucleotide measured at beginning of hypothermic machine perfusion predicts patient survival after liver transplantation

Dr. Eun-Ah Jo, Korea
The time dependent changes in serum immunoglobulin after kidney transplantation and its association with infection

Dr. Naoya Iwahara, Japan
Analysis of T-cell alloantigen response via a direct pathway in kidney transplant recipients with donor-specific antibodies

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