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Abstract Session
Transplant immunosuppression 2

Tuesday September 24, 2024 | 08:00 to 09:15
Room: TBD
Track: N/A


Prof. Esra Baskin, Turkey Invited Speaker
Immunosuppression in kidney Tx for children

Dr. Ebru Sevinc Ok, Turkey
Results of MMF+EVO combination in drug switching after kidney transplantation.

Andrew Santeusanio, United States
Comparison of actual versus ideal body weight based dosing of anti-thymocyte globulin in kidney transplant recipients

Dr. Bradley J Gardiner, Australia
Quantiferon®-monitor as a biomarker of immunosuppression and predictor of infection: A scoping review

Dr. Amit S Pasari, India
CYP3A5 Polymorphism in Kidney Transplantation: Individualizing Tacrolimus Dosing

Observational study of factors affecting Tacrolimus trough level in renal transplant patients

Dr. Huseyin Akilli, Turkey
Atypical cervical cytology in solid organ transplantation patients: 20 years of experience in a single center

Alain Assounga, South Africa
High intra patient variability (IPV) of serum tacrolimus is associated with a worsening serum creatinine in tkidney transplant patients attening Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital, Durban, South Africa.

Dr. Sergio DJ. Salcedo Herrera Sr., Colombia
Correlating Tacrolimus Levels with Dose Formulation: Implications for Toxicity and Renal Graft Rejection in a cohort of kidney Transplant Recipients with Steroid-free maintenance immunosuppression.

Mrs. Ariunaa Ari Altangerel, Mongolia
Identification of cytokine profiles in blood samples from kidney transplant recipients

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