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Abstract Session
HLA histocompatibility

Monday September 23, 2024 | 10:40 to 12:10
Room: TBD
Track: N/A


Medhat Askar, Qatar Invited Speaker
Donor microvascular culture assay

Mr. Tate Erickson, Canada
ABO-incompatible transplantation following enzymatic A-antigen removal in a mouse model: A-antigen re-expression and prevention of early antibody-mediated rejection

Dr. Lucy Sullivan, Australia
Follow the leader: HLA-B leader dimorphism predicts long-term survival following lung transplantation

Mr. Merih Gizlenci, United States
Panel Reactive Antibody Levels decline with increasing Age: Potential of augmented Organ Availability and improved Outcomes for sensitized older Recipients

Dr. Shruti N Tapiawala, India
Antibodies against Eplet mismatches can help identify the cause of ABMR in absence of DSAs on single antigen bead assay in transplantation

Dr. Shruti N Tapiawala, India
Prevalence of non- representation of HLA antigens and alleles in Single Antigen Bead assay panels in patients at a referral lab

Dr. Ahmed Mostafa, Canada
Advancing renal transplant patient care: Unveiling eplet mismatch thresholds for precise risk assessment and prognosis

Prof. Gehad ElGhazali, United Arab Emirates
Development of a calculated panel reactive antibody calculator for the United Arab Emirates

Bilkay Basturk, Turkey
Baskent University transplantation immunology algorithm and results

Belén Balekjian, Argentina
Argentina's leap into the cPRA Era: embracing transplantation advancements

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