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Patient-centered care

Wednesday September 25, 2024 - 15:25 to 16:25

Room: TBD

TS2 The therapy in wellness, movement and community

Liz Schick, Switzerland

World Transplant Games Federation


Mrs Schick, a liver recipient from Switzerland who has served on the Board of WTGF since 2011 and held the position of Honorary Secretary since 2015, is well known throughout the transplant and transplant sports community and especially loved for founding and running the TACKERS ski camp for transplanted children in her home village of Anzere. Liz has strongly advocated organ donation since receiving her transplant 25 years ago. Liz also holds a position at Swisstransplant, working to help create awareness of the need for organ donors, and has been competing in the Summer and Winter World Transplant Games since 2001.

Presentations by Liz Schick

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