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Thematic Session
Patient-centered care

Wednesday September 25, 2024 | 15:25 to 16:25
Room: Mac╠žka
Track: N/A

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This workshop will focus on how to treat transplant recipients to empower them to become active participants in their care. Three speakers will focus on different areas where patients should be treated with dignity and respect and be involved in decision-making. The speakers will look at healthcare transition, how to involve patients in wellness therapy, movement, and communications, and how and why it is essential to share decision-making with patients in all decisions related to their health.


Arvind Nagra, United Kingdom
Ready-Steady-Go/A blueprint for health care transition in Europe?

Ms. Liz Schick, Switzerland
The therapy in wellness, movement and community

Gerardo Reyna, Spain
Shared decision making in post-transplant care

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