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Abstract Session
Novel therapeutics and immunosuppression strategies 2

Wednesday September 25, 2024 | 08:00 to 09:15
Room: TBD
Track: N/A


Prof. Maria-Luisa Alegre, United States Invited Speaker
Microbiome modification for immune regulation

Dr. sun qin, People's Republic of China
YTHDF3 regulates IGF1R to aggravate pancreatic islets cellular aging and dysfunction

Dr. Kieran Manion, Canada
Graft protein shows a distinct signature in donor-specific antibody positive kidney transplant recipients with antibody-mediated rejection

Dr. Jose Ignacio Valenzuela, Argentina
The role of interleukin 27 in donor specific alloantibody responses

Mrs. Anna Weijler, Austria
Donor-specific immunoglobulin E augments alloreactive responses in a CD23-dependent manner

Dr. Louisa Steines, Germany
Bcl6 inhibitors – a novel immunosuppressive strategy disrupting T-B collaboration in alloimmune responses

Mr. Laurenz L Wolner, Austria
Inducing Long-Term Heart Allograft Tolerance Through Selective Treg Expansion by IL-2 Complex Treatment

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