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EW5 ASTREG (Asian Organ and Transplantation Registry)

Curie Ahn, Korea

National Medical Center


Curie Ahn, MD, Ph.D. is a nephrologist from Seoul, Korea. She is the General Secretary of the Asian Society of Transplantation as well as a Councilor of The Transplantation of Society contributing to those societies for improving transplantation medicine especially in Asia. In addition, as a Director of the Vitallink, she has been actively participating in clinical capacity-building in nephrology and in deceased organ transplantation for the last 10 years. As a research scientist, she has established the national cohort for CKD(KNOW-CKD), ADPKD, and for organ transplantation(KOTRY, Korean Organ Transplantation Registry), to provide a translational research basis.

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