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Thematic Session
Surfing the big data wave

Wednesday September 25, 2024 | 15:25 to 16:25
Room: Emirgan 1
Track: N/A


Using state-of the art and cutting-edge technologies, the speakers will present omics, clinical, and molecular data that can be used to predict outcomes that matter most to patients in transplantation. Through collaboration and partnership with patient partners, the speakers will also discuss the hierarchy list of outcomes that are important to patients and caregivers. Here, the speakers will address the specific needs and preferences of individual patients, such that healthcare providers can deliver more personalized and patient-centered care that enhances the overall transplant experience and improves outcomes for transplant recipients.


Dr. Nicole J Scholes-Robertson, Australia
Patient centred outcomes measures

Sophie Limou, France
Genomics strategies to redefine histocompatibility and risk stratification

Prof. Carmen Lefaucheur, France
Is AI better than human in predicting post-transplant outcomes?

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