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Abstract Session
Immunoregulation, tolerance and other topics

Monday September 23, 2024 | 16:50 to 18:30
Room: TBD
Track: N/A


Dr. Megan Sykes, United States Invited Speaker
Infectious tolerance

Ms. Romy Steiner, Austria
Elucidating the role of CD8+ cells in IL-2complex-mediated immunomodulation

Prof. Omaima M Sabek, United States
Assessing the Potency of Autologous MSCs by correlating Serum IDO levels and regulatory T cell in Living-Donor Kidney Transplant Recipients

Bruce Hall, Australia
T regulatory cell phenotypes in renal transplant patients with long surviving graft, increased Th2-like Treg and reduced Th1- and Th17-like Treg

Carole Guillonneau, France
Advancing CD8+ Treg cell therapy to the clinic for the treatment of kidney transplanted patients

Dr. Megan Sykes, United States
The first report of three-way macrochimerism and alloreactivity using single cell profiling in a patient receiving multivisceral transplantation following loss of an initial liver-intestine transplant

Dr. Nirupama D Verma PhD, Australia
Human CD4+CD25+CD127lo Treg can be activated in vitro with alloantigen and rIL-4 to induce receptor for interleukin 5 (IL-5Ra)

Mr. James Daniel Zuiani, Australia
Characterising pancreatic organoids from hereditary pancreatitis patients and their viability as a disease model

Mrs. Kyoko Yogo, Japan
CD80/CD86-CD28 signal blockade augments the donor-alloantigen-specific inhibitory function of natural regulatory T cells

Prof. Francesco D'Amico, Italy
N-acetylcysteine and liver transplant. Advantages of its administration in multi-organ donors especially during a world economical crisis. Long-term sub-group analysis in a randomized study

Dr. Jiale Wang, People's Republic of China
ISL1-overexpressing BMSCs attenuate renal ischemia-reperfusion injury by suppressing apoptosis and oxidative stress through the paracrine action

Dr. Takuya Harada, Japan
NLRP3 inhibition prevented graft infiltration of inflammatory macrophages leading to long-term graft acceptance in mouse heart transplantation

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