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Abstract Session
Kidney: ABO incompatibility, HLA and Donor Characteristics

Monday September 23, 2024 | 16:50 to 18:30
Room: TBD
Track: N/A


Kazunari Tanabe, Japan Invited Speaker
ABO-incompatible Living Kidney Transplantation

Prof. Rolf Weimer, Germany
Increased risk of acute antibody-mediated rejection despite long-term compromised B cell repopulation after rituximab induction in blood group incompatible living-donor renal transplantation

Deceased-donor acute kidney injury: Impact on postransplant outcome

Ahmed Zeen Alabedeen Alrifai, United States
Predictors of Delayed Graft Function in the United States: A Comprehensive Multivariable Analysis with a Focus on Hypothermic Machine Perfusion

Miss Shengbing Li, Netherlands
Cellular responses of donor kidneys during normothermic machine perfusion predict post-transplant outcome

Current status of ABO incompatible kidney transplantation in Japan ― based on statistical data of renal transplantation in Japan

Dr. aviral kashyap, India
A single centre ABO incompatible transplantation experience of 160 patients in North India : Outcomes, protocols and the way forward

Dr. Deepak Shankar Ray, India
Comparison of thymoglobulin and grafalon as induction agents in ABO- incompatible kidney transplantation – A single centre retrospective study

Mr. Darren Lim Zi Yang, Singapore
A retrospective cohort study of ABO-incompatible living kidney donor transplantation before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Kentaro Ide, Japan
Crossmatch-Positive, Highly Sensitized Kidney Transplant Recipients after Desensitization with Rituximab ± Bortezomib

Manuel E. Quirno Costa, Argentina
Playing hide and seek with HLA-DRB3/4/5 data in kidney transplantation reports in Argentina

Prof. Narayan Prasad, India
Impact of HLA Donor Specific Antibody Vs Non-Donor Specific Antibodies by Single Antigen Bead method in predicting Outcome of Living related renal allograft recipients

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