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Thematic Session
Life participation and living well after transplantation

Monday September 23, 2024 | 15:40 to 16:40
Room: TBD
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This workshop will focus on how transplant recipients can live well with improved survival and better quality of life after transplantation. Receiving a transplant is only part of the cure; recipients are given their health back but must strive to regain fitness, re-enter the workplace and learn about living with a transplant. Three key speakers will focus on living well after transplantation and which key elements can assist in this. They will also discuss how to navigate work, life, and sex after transplantation and look at how prehabilitation can aid your quality of life post-transplantation.

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Mr. Bill Wang, Hong Kong
Living well after transplantation

Ms. Louise Lerminiaux, Costa Rica
Work, life, and sex after transplantation

Marieke Vandecruys, Belgium
Prehabilitation into transplant and beyond

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