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Thematic Session
Uterus-transplantation: Where are we now

Monday September 23, 2024 | 15:40 to 16:40
Room: TBD
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The field is celebrating the 10th birthday of the first baby born after a successful uterus transplant. Mats Brannstroem, the pioneering surgeon of the Gothenburg team will summarize the 10 successful years of uterus transplantation. Ethical debates are particularly relevant, thus requiring a careful debate of ethical guardrails. Unique in many ways, uterus transplantation is the only planned ‘temporary’ engraftment with unique immunological features in the context of transplantation, immunosuppression and pregnancy.

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Mats Brannstrom, Sweden
10 years after the first successful uterus transplant: How will the teenage years look?

Anji Wall, United States
Ethical guardrails in uterus transplantation

Paige Porrett, United States
Uterus-specific aspects of alloimmunity and immunosuppression

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