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Thematic Session
Infection complications in transplantation

Wednesday September 25, 2024 | 15:25 to 16:25
Room: TBD
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This session will explore important infections that are complications after transplantation. Climate change and its relationship to the increased incidence of infections and also spread of organisms to new areas of the world will be discussed. An update of COVID -19, with emphasis on transplant-related outcomes in the Middle East will be presented. An overview of recurrent urinary tract infections, a frequent and challenging complication post-transplant, will be discussed. Talks by these experts will inform conference participants about the diagnosis, management and prevention of these important infections and will provide information on transplant-related outcomes, giving up-to-date information that will impact clinical practice in a variety if settings. A panel question and answer session will be held to engage with important questions from conference participants.

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Ilan Schwartz, United States
Climate change and Infection - how it affects transplantation

Sibel Gokcay Bek, Turkey
COVID-19 infections and impact on transplant outcomes in the Middle-East

Deepali Kumar, Canada
Recurrent UTI in solid organ transplant recipient

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