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Educational Workshop
What is cultural safety and how can it improve donation and transplantation care?

Wednesday September 25, 2024 | 15:25 to 16:25
Room: TBD
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Cultural safety is increasingly recognized as an essential component of quality and safety in healthcare, in particular when providing care for and working with First Nations and Indigenous peoples. In this session comprising three expert talks, participants will be introduced to the core concept of cultural safety, learn how it may impact equity of access and outcomes of donation and transplantation for First Nations peoples, and learn how to strengthen research in donation and transplantation involving First Nations peoples.

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Ms. Kelli J. Owen, Australia
Importance of culturally safe care in donation and transplantation for First Nations peoples

Samantha Bateman, Australia
Co-presenting with Kelli J. Owen

Caroline Tait, Canada
How to improve strengths based approaches to research in transplantation involving First Nations peoples?

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