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Thematic Session
Xenotransplantation’s regulatory road to the clinic

Wednesday September 25, 2024 | 15:25 to 16:25
Room: TBD
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This session is an update of the current state of play in regards to the Global Oversight of Xenotransplantation. Join us for an enlightening workshop on xenotransplantation, where we delve into its rich history and evolution towards clinical practice. Explore the pioneering efforts that have shaped the landscape of xenotransplantation, from its inception to current breakthroughs. Discover the pivotal role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in crafting global strategies to navigate the complexities of xenotransplantation, ensuring ethical and regulatory frameworks are in place. Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in continuing the registration of clinical xenotransplantation, paving the way for its widespread implementation. This session promises to provide valuable perspectives for delegates invested in the future of organ transplantation and medical innovation.

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Wayne Hawthorne, Australia
History of Xenotransplantation and moving to clinical practice

Efstratios (Stratos) Chatzixiros, Switzerland
WHO leadership in developing global strategies for xenotransplantation

Leo Hans Buhler, Switzerland
Moving forward to ensure continuing registration of clinical Xenotransplantation

Discussion Period, Turkey
Questions from audience

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