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Educational Workshop
Machine Learning - Technical

Tuesday September 24, 2024 | 13:30 to 15:30
Room: TBD
Track: N/A


This workshop aims to provide participants the fundamental principles of using machine learning techniques in transplantation. These include supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning, real-world applications of machine learning, and knowledge of causal inference in machine learning. Examples of multi-omics integration and prediction models will also be presented. Clinical and non-technical attendees will enjoy the overview of this exciting field and the applied perspectives from the lectures. In addition, we will have a few technical “teaching assistants” available for those who have experience with R/Python and wish to bring their laptops and (simple) datasets to explore coding the examples.

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Jean Yang, Australia
Multi-omics integration in transplantation

Valentin Goutaudier, France
Machine learning - A primer

Armando Teixeira-Pinto, Australia
Understanding causal inferences in transplantation

Dr. Dorry Segev, United States
Machine learning to predict transplant outcomes: Helpful or hype?

Discussion Period, Turkey
Panel and Q&A Discussion

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